SA companies team up for electronic infusion pump to administer intravenous medications and treatments at home

Source: The Advertiser, 23rd July 2013

Two South Australian-based companies have formed a partnership to develop and manufacture a hi-tech electronic infusion pump to administer intravenous medications and treatments at home.

Research and manufacturing company SMR Technologies will help Findon-based intravenous medication manufacturer CPIE Pharmacies to develop the technology, which has an estimated $6 billion global market value.

The project is the subject of a new $35,000 grant through the State Government’s Innovation Vouchers Program. Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade Minister Tom Kenyon said the partnership would allow CPIE Pharmacies to better compete with multi-national companies for a share of the South Australian and national medical technology market.

“This will lead to economic benefits through increased export potential, as well as greater employment opportunities at CPIE and SMR,” he said.

“A significant benefit of this partnership will be the local production of the device, which relies on SMR’s expertise in engineering design and skills in innovative manufacturing.”

SMR Technologies designs, manufactures and distributes hi-tech products for a broad range of industries including medical devices, cleantech and whitegoods.

SMR sales and marketing director Sam Vial said the company’s technical expertise would help CPIE Pharmacies turn the medication pump into a reality. “CPIE Pharmacies are trying to develop a new product but they don’t have the engineering capability,” he said. “We can provide the services and technology to allow it to develop it.”