Who we are

Infusion Innovations Pty Ltd (formerly CPIE Pharmacy Services R&D Pty Ltd) was established in 2012 and grew out of a vision from the pharmacy business, CPIE Pharmacy Services (CPIE).

For more than 40 years, CPIE has been an integrated healthcare provider in South Australia providing a unique range of pharmacy services, encompassing preparation of intravenous medication and clean room manufacturing, hospital pharmacy services, community pharmacy, professional pharmacy services, clinical trials, research and development.

A core part of CPIE’s business is providing home infusion services, primarily antibiotics and chemotherapy, to private and public hospitals, and Hospital in the Home (HITH) providers.

Based on the deep experience gained through this business, CPIE identified an opportunity for an innovative solution for the administration of infusion therapies in the home care market to support more patients being treated safely in their homes or outside of traditional hospital settings.

Since 2012, Infusion Innovations has been designing and commercialising an innovative infusion pump. The device is now at prototype stage and the manufacture and launch is imminent.

Our Vision

Infusion Innovations has a vision to be a medical technology company designing, manufacturing and marketing advanced and intelligent infusion delivery systems.

We will offer ambulatory infusion pumps, accessories, and remote patient infusion control and monitoring systems and data analytics for a broad array of hospital and home-based patient treatments.


We will distribute our medical devices and intelligent systems designed specifically for home infusion therapies, supporting providers in three regions globally (Australia/New Zealand; North America; Europe), with plans for expansion to Asia and the Middle East.

Improving the care of individuals

Whether in the home, physician office, ambulatory infusion centre, Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) or other alternate sites of care (community pharmacy), our medical technologies and platforms provide nationwide service capabilities and the ability to deliver condition-specific medical technologies, clinical management tools, and data analytics services to improve the care of individuals with complex health conditions requiring infusion therapies such as rheumatology, gastrointestinal abnormalities, infectious diseases, cancer, multiple sclerosis, organ and blood cell transplants, bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies and heart failure.

A channel to market

Our partner organisation, CPIE Pharmacy Services, provides a channel to market in the Australian home infusion healthcare sector, providing a pharmacy service with the necessary expertise, training and education, and distribution for our medical technologies to enter the market and be tested in the Australian market before launch internationally.

Through an established market network and extensive expertise in home infusion services, the multidisciplinary clinical team, including pharmacists, nurses and medical specialists work with the acute care (hospitals) and primary care (general practitioners) sectors to provide ongoing product opportunities for Infusion Innovations to develop and commercialise.