Infusion Systems

Scarab® Infusion System

As hospitals focus on implementing innovative strategies and models for increasing out of hospital care services, Infusion Innovations will develop a modular infusion system with added features and attributes to support the rapidly expanding global home infusion market.

The initial product to enter the market will be the infusion pump (Scarab®) which combines the cost-effectiveness and convenience of disposable devices and the accuracy and capability of electronic devices.

Scarab® will provide a technology and deployment platform facilitating development of additional features to compete with higher-value electronic pump offerings, such as enhanced operational efficiency, risk management, and electronic health record integration.

Scarab® pump unit features:

Single use / disposable


Easy to use /
intuitive user interface

Versatile for multi-therapies

Available with a range of
fixed flow profiles


This Class IIB medical device is currently being prototyped and tested and will be ready for launch imminently.