Pumped and ready for commercial development

Source: BioSA, 4th April 2016

South Australian company, CPIE Pharmacy Services, will fast-track manufacturing and commercialisation of a drug-infusion pump thanks to a 2016 BioSA Industry Development grant.

Patent-protected, the pump is globally unique and meets a specific market need – patients seeking delivery of intravenous therapies in the home rather than a hospital setting.

“We have developed a pump prototype, and with these funds can now move forward to establishing a manufacturing process. We aim to deliver a commercial product by mid-2017,” explained Mr Andrew Sluggett, General Manager and Chief Pharmacist at CPIE.

CPIE is a South Australian-owned and -operated compounding pharmacy that has developed niche expertise in the “Hospital in the Home” sector.

“Delivery of intravenous drugs in the home, rather than in hospital, is a growing area both in Australia and internationally,” Mr Sluggett said.

“We are developing this new pump to provide a user-friendly option for people to receive chemotherapy and other treatments in their own residences.”

CPIE’s infusion pump provides a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use option for delivering infusions in the home and will reduce the potential for over- or under-dosing.

Giving patients the option to receive treatment out of hospitals provides quality-of-life benefits, reduces “bed block” in the hospital setting and cuts public health costs.

“This is a huge opportunity in the home medical care space, both in Australia and internationally,” said Mr Sluggett.

To meet their goals, CPIE will work with engineering and manufacturing company, Hydrix, based at the Tonsley precinct in South Australia.